The Nanopore Tech Tour is a one-day event for scientists interested in nanopore sequencing

The agenda will cover: cancer genomics, transcriptomics, microbiology, sequencing at scale, and bioinformatics

Plus attend live demos, tutorial and practical sessions:

  • Learn about nanopore kits, protocols and experimental planning
  • Watch the live sequencing demos with the latest nanopore devices
  • Join dedicated breakout sessions on the latest nanopore and third-party open-source tools for processing and analysing nanopore data
  • Attend 1:1 technical clinics
  • Get hands-on practical experience with loading Flongle™, MinION™ and PromethION™ Flow Cells

Pre-registration delegate fees:

  • Limited offer: $100 (¥675) - SOLD OUT
  • Poster rate: $100 (¥675) - SOLD OUT
  • Standard rate: $200 (¥1350) - SOLD OUT

On-site delegate fee (available Shanghai only): $400 (¥2700)

Apply to attend Submit abstract View the agenda

Plenary talks

Hear the latest nanopore-sequencing research from your peers. Aimed to give insight and inspire, whilst sharing technical information and data.


Poster session selected from abstract submissions.

Product display

Live demonstrations of the latest nanopore technology.


1:1 sessions with our experts for personal assistance.

Flow Cell loading

Practice or learn how to load flow cells with our experts on hand to help.


Presentations on the latest basecalling software and third-party open-source tools for processing and analysing nanopore data.

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