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Alexey Afonin

Nanopore sequencing for the analysis of genomes and transcriptomes in the tripartite symbiotic associations of Pisum sativum.

Alexey and his team used nanopore sequencing to assemble all three organisms in the tripartite symbiosis between the plant P. sativum and the microsymbionts Rhizobium leguminosarum and Rhizophagus irregularis, in their first use of sequencing.

‘Nanopore sequencing is amazing for bacterial genome assembly’: they were able to sequence and assemble the genomes of 20 bacteria from one MinION sequencing run, with some producing complete, closed circular genome sequences.

They generated a 3.8 Gbp assembly for P. sativum without prior experience of plant genome sequencing & assembly, producing an N50 of 2.5 Mbp.

cDNA sequencing of plant roots, nodules and mycorrhizal roots yielded >42k transcripts, with the results similar to those seen with short-read RNA-seq.

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