Oxford Nanopore-based metagenomic study on high-altitude permafrost microbiome

Yu Xia

Yu Xia, Southern University of Science and Technology


We applied on-site MinION sequencing of high-altitude permafrost in Qilian Mountain (4000m altitude) China. Long-read metagenomics is effective in revealing the microbial functions at genome-level resolution. A frame-shift correction tool FUNpore was developed. The post-correction long-reads showed encouraging precision and recall in functional prediction. The thawed permafrost soil showed higher transcriptional activity in denitrification which may lead to the discernible N2O release in summer. In contrast, methane release from permafrost thawing seems of less concern as very active aerobic methane oxidation by Methylomonas was observed in the topsoil and no methane can be detected in batch tests with elevated temperature.


Dr Yu Xia is a Principal Investigator in the Environmental Microbiology and Ecogenomics Laboratory at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Shenzhen, China. Dr Xia got her PhD in Environmental Microbiology from The University of Hong Kong. She is interested in applying advanced sequencing and molecular technology such as long-read based metagenomics, microfluidics and single-cell to explore the functionality of the unculturable majority of environmental microbiomes in engineered systems, indoor environments and extreme environments.