2020 Speakers

Alfonso Benítez-Páez

Multi-locus amplicon sequencing approach to study microbial diversity at

Andrew Smith

Direct nanopore sequencing of canonical and modified bases in 16S ribosomal RNA

Andy Heron

Enrichment and sensitivity methods

Ben Matern

Identification of human leukocyte antigen splice variants by MinION cDNA sequencing

Benjamin Istace

Assembly of large eukaryotic genomes using Oxford Nanopore

Bethany Lodge


Bjorn Usadel

Bjorn Usadel

Complex tomato genomes: Easy with nanopores

Céline Bigot

PathoTRACK project: Identification of microbial pathogens through NGS approaches

Chris Wright

Real-time assembly of MinION sequencing data

Christiaan Henkel

Christiaan Henkel

Lightweight sequencing of massive genomes

Christopher Vollmers

Identifying and Quantifying Transcript Isoforms in Single-Cell Nanopore RNAse

Clive Brown

Clive Brown

Clive Brown Plenary Talk

Dan Turner

Daniel Turner

Nanopore Applications

David Eccles

Assembling genomes with complex genome repeats

Denis Milan

GeT experience of long read sequencing using the available technologies

Lejla Imamovic

Eric van der Helm & Lejla Imamovic

Rapid resistome mapping using nanopore sequencing

Franz-Josef Muller

SelectION: Identification of predefined genomic regions in large nanopore DNA s

Graziano Pesole

CpG methylation detection of human mtDNA by nanopore sequencing


MinION microbiome profiling: going from on-the-go to go-to?

Jared Simpson

Jared Simpson

Analysis tools for nanopore data

John Tyson

Transcriptomic analysis via direct RNA sequencing and contextual splice variation

Justin O’Grady

Developing rapid sample-to-result diagnostic workflows on the MinION

Karen Miga

Karen Miga

Linear assembly of a human Y centromere using MinION nanopore long read sequences

Libby Snell

Direct RNA sequencing: What’s new?

Marcus Stoiber

Applications of raw nanopore signal processing: From modified bases to streaming basecalling and beyond

Matthew McCabe

Simultaneous detection of DNA and RNA virus species involved in bovine respiratory

Michael Boemo

Detection of base analogues with the MinION

Michael Clark

Elucidating the brain expression profile of the neuropsychiatric disease gene CACNA1C

Miten Jain

Recent progress at UCSC: long reads, DNA, and RNA sequencing

Nick Loman

Nick Loman

Stopping Outbreaks becoming Epidemics

Oliver Pybus

Genomic epidemiology of Zika virus in the Americas

Philipp Euskirchen

Rapid (epi-) genomic classification of brain tumors using nanopore sequencing

Rachael Workman

Direct RNA versus cDNA sequencing of C. elegans transcripts

Raja Mugasimangalam

Is the pot labelled correctly? Testing dairy products and probiotics using nan

Raymond Hulzink

Raymond Hulzink

Crop innovation using nanopore sequencing

Ryan Wick

Hybrid Nanopore and Illumina assembly: working towards the perfect bacterial genome

Sally James

Telomere to telomere: complete (small) chromosomes using MinION

Satomi Mitsuhashi

A portable system for rapid bacterial composition analysis using the MinION and a laptop computer

Scott Gigante

In-house training of the nanonet local basecaller: opportunities and challenges

Sebastian Johansson

Multiplex HLA-typing by nanopore sequencing

Thomas Sasani

Tracking adaptive structural variation during host-pathogen conflict

Tslil Gabrieli

Cas9-Assisted Targeting of Chromosome segments (CATCH) for targeted nanopore sequen

Wigard Kloosterman

Mapping and phasing of structural variation in patient genomes using nanopore sequencing

Winston Timp

Measuring DNA methylation with the MinION

Zamin Iqbal

Same-day tuberculosis diagnostic and surveillance information direct from sputum