Ultra-long reads from Australian reptiles

Jillian Hammond

Jillian Hammond, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia


Ultra-long reads are a powerful tool for resolving challenging regions of the genome. To achieve reads of this length, we have been using an altered high-molecular weight DNA extraction method developed by Circulomics, paired with the new Ultra-Long DNA Sequencing Kit (SQK-ULK001) from Oxford Nanopore to achieve sequencing runs with read-length N50s of up to ~100 kb. We are now using these ultra-long reads to assemble and phase the highly homologous chrZ/chrW sex chromosomes in several Australian reptile species, and to produce high-quality reference genome assemblies for sea snakes, in order to better understand aquatic adaptation.


Jillian Hammond is an early career researcher that has been part of the Garvan Institute’s Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (KCCG) for two years. She is the lead wet-lab scientist for KCCG’s nanopore sequencing service, and has significant experience in DNA extractions, library preparation, and analysis, including handling a diverse array of sample types. Her recent projects have focused on the sequencing and genome assembly of interesting Australian vertebrate species.