Nanopore sequencing unveils unexpected variability in ribosomal RNA gene repeats

Emiliana Weiss

Emiliana Weiss, The Australian National University, Australia


Ribosomal RNA genes (rRNAs) are encoded in the genome in hundreds of copies as rDNA to satisfy the high demand for ribosomes in a cell. However, due to its repetitive nature, rDNA remains the most recalcitrant region to genome assemble, and it is generally assumed that all repeat copies in the rDNA are identical to each other. Here we devised an innovative approach that leverages nanopore long-reads to uncover the properties of the rDNA repeat arrays.


Emiliana Weiss is a second-year Ph.D. student at the Australian National University, with a master’s degree in Biological Science (Genetics) at São Paulo State University in Brazil. Emiliana is interested in exploring the applicability of nanopore reads to unveil the variability and organization of the ribosomal RNA gene repeats. Emiliana is enthusiastic about studying population genetics and evolution, suspense books, and Latin dance.