Impact of dynamic methylome on variants in ageing

Villoo Morawala-Patell & Kashyap Krishnasamy

Villoo Morawala-Patell & Kashyap Krishnasamy, Avesthagen, India


Reversible epigenetic changes within the loci of genes regulating critical cell processes have emerged as important biomarkers of disease pathology. It is then natural to consider the consequences for population health risk of such epigenetic changes during the aging process. Specifically, the interplay between dynamic methylation changes that accompany aging and mutations that accrue in an individual’s genome over time need further investigation. The current study investigated the role of dynamic methylation acting together with gene variants in an individual over time to gain insight into the evolving epigenome–genome interplay that affects biochemical pathways controlling physiological processes during aging.


Dr. Villoo Patell’s international biotechnology experience coupled with her longstanding interest in global development from building international networks and alliances with academia and industry led to her founding Avesthagen Limited. Avesthagen Limited is built around the convergence of food, pharma, environment-adjusted agriculture, and population genomics, leading to predictive, preventive, and personalized healthcare driven by a systems biology approach to population genetics and food security.

Dr. Kashyap Krishnasamy is Senior Research Scientist and project lead, Genomics platform, Avesthagen Limited. He is a Biomedical research scientist with a Ph.D. from Hannover Medical School, Germany with 8+ years of experience in handling interdisciplinary projects bridging clinical and basic research in academia and industry. He has a documented record of research publications in many high-impact journals in vascular biology, immunology, and cardiovascular genetics. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded a start-up for science education and outreach initiatives for schools.