Chromosomal-scale assembly of the liverwort Marchantia paleacea

Issa Diop

Issa Diop, University of Zurich, Switzerland


Many current problems faced in the establishment of high accuracy genome assembly are related to obtaining high-molecular-weight DNA and the presence of repetitive DNA which significantly impacts genome assembly quality. Here we present a de novo assembly of Marchantia paleacea, a dioecious liverwort species with an estimated genome size of ~280Mbp, using Oxford Nanopore sequencing. We generated an assembly of 277 contigs, with a total length of 263 Mbp (N50= 2.3Mbp) with 0.00% of genome gaps. We built a Hi-C library and retained 117 scaffolds, with all fragment lengths >1kb and the first nine large scaffolds representing the eight autosomes and one sex chromosome.


Issa Diop is a 4th year Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology in Dr. Peter Szovenyi’s group at University of Zurich. His work focusses on the sequencing and assembly of complex regions using Oxford Nanopore sequencing. He is part of the PlantHub programme based at the Plant Science Center at the University of Zurich. As part of his Ph.D., he has spent time in the private company BASECLEAR B.V, located at the Biocentral park in Leiden (NL) in the Netherlands.