London Calling

Libby Snell

Direct RNA sequencing: What’s new?

Matthew McCabe

Simultaneous detection of DNA and RNA virus species involved in bovine respiratory

Benjamin Istace

Assembly of large eukaryotic genomes using Oxford Nanopore

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Identification of human leukocyte antigen splice variants by MinION cDNA sequencing

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In-house training of the nanonet local basecaller: opportunities and challenges

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PathoTRACK project: Identification of microbial pathogens through NGS approaches

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Detection of base analogues with the MinION

Bethany Lodge


David Eccles

Assembling genomes with complex genome repeats

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Telomere to telomere: complete (small) chromosomes using MinION

Franz-Josef Muller

SelectION: Identification of predefined genomic regions in large nanopore DNA s

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Multiplex HLA-typing by nanopore sequencing

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Is the pot labelled correctly? Testing dairy products and probiotics using nan

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CpG methylation detection of human mtDNA by nanopore sequencing

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Elucidating the brain expression profile of the neuropsychiatric disease gene CACNA1C