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Biomarker Technologies Corporation Bejing, China


5 layers of Shun Jie Mansion,
NanFaXin, No. 12 Fu Qian Street,
Shunyi District, Beijing, China


Biomarker Technologies Corporation
Tel: +86 400-600-3186

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Techniques offered:

  • De novo and Hybrid Genome Assembly 
  • Pangenome Analysis 
  • Structural Variation Detection 
  • Whole Genome Resequencing 
  • direct DNA/RNA Methylation Detection 
  • Targeted Resequencing 
  • Whole Exome Sequencing 
  • Full Length Transcriptome 
  • IncRNA Sequencing and Analysis 
  • Single-cell Transcriptome(eukaryotes) 
  • 16S/18S rDNA Sequencing and Analysis 
  • Metagenome and Metatranscriptome Sequencing and Analysis 
  • Bacteria/Fungi Genome Sequencing and Analysis 
  • Bulked Segregation Analysis 
  • High Density Genetic Map Construction 
  • Genome Wide Associated Study 
  • Genetic Evolutionary Study

Areas of research offered:

  • Animal and Plant Genomics 
  • Natural and Genetic Populations Research 
  • Transcriptional Regulations Research 
  • Medical Research Technology Services 
  • Microbiology Research 
  • Biocloud Platforms
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